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Home > DC Power Supplies >  Range 200 to 1000 Volts / 10 to 50 Amps > TDK-Lambda GEN600-25

Used TDK-Lambda GEN600-25

600 Volt / 25 Amp / 15 kW DC Power Supply

The TDK-Lambda GEN600-25 is a 600 Volt / 25 Amp / 15 kW DC Power Supply.

The Genesys family of programmable power supplies sets a new standard for flexible, reliable, AC/DC power systems in OEM, industrial and Laboratory applications.

Now available in more power levels (750W, 1.5kW, 3.3kW, 10kW and 15kW) and with available output voltages from 7.5 to 600V, and current up to 1,000A. A wide range of popular AC inputs head a long list of standard features.
TDK-Lambda GEN600-25 Image

TDK-Lambda GEN600-25

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DC Power Supplies > Range 200 to 1000 Volts / 10 to 50 Amps
TDK-Lambda GEN600-25 -- Technical Data
Specifications Features Characteristics Options
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PDF icon TDK-Lambda GEN600-25 Specifications
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bullet High Power Density - 3U Package 
bullet Power Factor 0.88 (Passive PFC on all AC Inputs) 
bullet Built-In RS-232/RS-485 Interface is Standard 
Catalogued as: TDK-Lambda-GEN600-25 
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Display / Meter Type  Digital / Monochrome
Instrument Profile  Rackmount
Linear / Switch-Mode  Switch-Mode
Number of Outputs
Rated Output Power (Watts) 15 kW
Maximum DC Current 25 A DC
Maximum DC Voltage 600 V DC
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IEMD GPIB Interface
IS420 Current Programming Isolated Analog Interface
IS510 Voltage Programming Isolated Analog Interface
LAN LAN Interface
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