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  Frequently Asked Questions|Test Equipment Center|New and Used Test Equipment Sales

How do I order products from Test Equipment Center?
Purchase Orders are accepted by our sales team via email: sales@testequipment.center
Credit Card Orders by telephone (844) 392-2698 
Please see Terms and Conditions on the About Us page for additional details.
Do I need to register for an account to request a quote or place an order?
Pre-registration is not required to use the website features, or order products.
What is included with the products sold at Test Equipment Center?
Used, Reconditioned Products – Include user’s manual and power cord, additional accessory and option availability is addressed as available at time of order for specific products.
New Products – Include manuals, power cord, and other standard accessories as supplied from the OEM.
Do you offer calibration with the products for sale at Test Equipment Center?
Calibration services are available for most products sold at Test Equipment Center, simply request calibration pricing when submitting your product quote request. 
The website indicates multiple choices for calibration, which one do I need?
Your company’s quality system will generally specify the level / type of calibration required for your test instruments. Generally, our calibration suppliers offer the following types of calibration for you to select from:
Commercial Calibration – Calibration certificate identifying your product, includes general information relating to the calibration processes and standards used. This is the service level requested by most of our clients who need certification.
Commercial Calibration with Test Data – Same as above, with the addition of the measured instrument test data incorporated into the calibration report.
ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration – Similar to calibration with test data above, generally also supplied with testing measurement uncertainty data report incorporated into the calibration results. (Sometimes referred to as A2LA, or Z540 calibration).
What type of warranty do I receive with my purchase?
Used, Reconditioned Products – 90 day warranty for repair, replacement, or refund (unless otherwise specified) at the discretion of Test Equipment Center. Extended warranties are available for specific products. Inquire with our sales team.
New Products – Warranties will vary based upon manufacturer specific products and policies; specific warranty term will be identified on product quotation. More detailed, New Equipment warranty policies and procedures are available directly from the product manufacturer, or our sales team.
What is your return policy?
Used, Refurbished Products – If for any reason buyer is unsatisfied with the purchase, they may cancel the order and return the item within ten (10) days of the original date of shipment. Buyer remains responsible for shipping and handling charges, and any optionally purchased calibration fees which are not refundable.
Return of Special Order products will be subject to a re-stocking fee, these products will be identified on the product quotation and order confirmation provided by Test Equipment Center.
Return Material Authorization (RMA) is required for all product returns. Contact customer service to request an RMA for return of product. 
New Products – Return policies will vary based upon specific manufacturers; policy will be identified on product quotation. More detailed, specific new equipment warranty policies and procedures are available from the product manufacturer. Buyer remains responsible for shipping and handling charges, and any optionally purchased calibration fees which are not refundable.
How will I know if when my order has shipped?
Test Equipment Center provides tracking details to you via email on the date of order shipment.
Do you buy surplus equipment?
Test Equipment Center does purchase surplus equipment for our inventory. Please “Click Here” or review our We Buy Equipment page for more details on our purchase, trade-in, and consignment options.
I have other test equipment items that require repair, can you help?
Visit our Contact Us page and contact our Technical Support group regarding repair support options for your specific instrument.
Who do I contact when I need assistance not available on the website?
Please review our “Contact Us” page for assistance not available on the website.
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