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New Electrom Instruments iTIG II D12

12 kV IR / DC Hipot / Surge Comparison / Winding Analyzer and Motor Tester

Electrom Instruments iTIG II D12 Image
The iTIG II D is designed for users who want a fully automatic tester. It has more DC motor test features and single coil test features than the other models. It is also used when production line automation software options are required.

The iTIG II D is receiving praise from customers for being very easy to use and set up despite the large number of options and possible tests that can be done.

Automated sequence of tests:

For AC motors, select the tests to be performed or let the tester automatically use default settings. The tester does the rest without operator intervention. This is made possible by a 7 high voltage output lead set with Kelvin clamps. Connect the test leads, push two buttons, and all tests including four-wire micro-Ohm winding resistance, megohm/PI, hipot/step voltage and surge tests are performed on stators and assembled motors without the need to turn the rotor. Most of the tests can be done manually or semi-automatically as needed.

Test profiles are programmable:

Tolerances for Pass/Fail conditions are easily set by the operator (they are included in default settings) and shuts down the test sequence if a failure limit is exceeded. Voltage ramp rate, the number of steps in various tests and the duration of tests can be programmed.

Advanced reporting:

TRPro report software, the advanced version, which runs on PCs and servers is included. Report information includes things like motor ID number, Job number, test description, repair stage (i.e. incoming, after cleaning, pre VPI, final, etc.), and other fields for each test such as equipment specifications. It has a customizable cover page including your company information / logo / pictures etc., and automatically pulls in selected info from the report. The tester has virtually unlimited data storage.

On line motor data such as operating phase voltages, currents etc. can be included in reports to indicate if phases are unbalanced during operation of a motor. Alternatively drop test results can be entered.

Graphs and tables are generated for multi point PI and Step Voltage tests. Multiple tests can be combined in one graph to see changes over time. Tables for megohm (IR) readings taken over time can be generated.

Bar graphs can be generated to compare multi coil tests, armature tests, and armature resistance measurements.

Only tests done or information entered prints, so there are no empty test fields showing up in the report.

Network data transfer through Ethernet is included. Wireless network transfer is optional.

Also see Accessories for DC motor tests.

Some of the other features in addition to the C model features include:

Multi Coil Surge Tests

Tests of multiple coils can be done with all models. The D model will store all the test data and can present the results in bar graph format. Multi coil mode makes it easy to surge test a large number of form coils, DC armature coils or other types of coils with comparison to the first coil tested, or compared to a stored master coil. An unlimited number of master coils or master stators can be stored by simply selecting a test as a master.

Electrom Instruments iTIG II D12

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Electrical Safety > Motor Surge Testers - Above 6 kV up to 15 kV
Electrom Instruments iTIG II D12 -- Technical Data
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15kV 15 kV Output Option
4kV 4 kV Output Option
6kV 6 kV Output Option
CLZ Adds Capacitance / Inductance / Impedance / Phase Angle / D Q Factor Measurements
HO High Energy Output Option
Micro-Ohm 4 Wire MicroOhm Measurements
RIC Rotor Influence Check (Requires CLZ Option)
Wireless Wireless Network Connection
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Specifications / Technical Documents
PDF icon Electrom Instruments iTIG II D12 Specifications
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