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Used Baker Instruments D12000

12 kV Digital Surge / DC Hipot Tester

Baker Instruments D12000 Image
The Baker Instruments D12000 12 kV Digital Surge / DC Hipot Tester is capable of supporting the application of the AT101 Bar-to-Bar Armature Tester or the 30 kV Power Pack accessory unit.

Versatility in testing is enhanced in the Digital Tester with its capability to internally store, recall, and summarize test measurements. A parallel port is provided to connect the tester to a printer or to a personal computer for test acquisition.

With the D Series, high-precision testing and data collection can be accomplished in the shop or the field. The test results can then be printed immediately or stored for later use.

The D12000 comes equipped with microcontroller based hardware that allows the user to digitize, store, recall, and print test data for up to 10 motors or windings. This applies to Surge and DC Hipot testing. The data can also be uploaded to a computer using Baker Instrument’s Motor Test Acquisition (MTA 5.0 or higher) software for further analysis.

The manual digital testers of the DS series are universal test instruments for winding tests of electrical machines, transformers as well as coils and wound products of all types. They include two tests: surge or impulse voltage and DC high potential with leakage current measurement and calculation of the insulation resistance, also called Meg-Ohm test.

The most important function of these testers is the Surge Test. High voltage impulses are sent repeatedly into the winding. The most important aspect of this test is the true turn-to-turn voltage stress. The fast impulse, with a rise time of about one micro-second, generates a voltage potential between turns, layers and coils of a winding for a very brief moment. Therefore, the insulation between galvanically connected winding parts can be tested, for example the phase-to phase insulation of three-phase stators with internal star connection. With defective insulation a small arc or corona discharge with very low energy is created. The effects of these faults can easily be observed in the displayed surge test waveform.

Beside the surge test, the instruments contain a DC high potential test with measurement of leakage current and insulation resistance for testing the ground insulation. This test can also be performed over a longer time period for the polarization index which is especially useful for large machines.

Baker Instruments D12000

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Electrical Safety > Motor Surge Testers - Above 6 kV up to 15 kV
Baker Instruments D12000 -- Technical Data
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bullet Parallel Printer and PC Interface 
bullet 5 Inch Digital Display 
bullet Digitize and Store Test Data For Up To 10 Motors 
bullet Supports use of AT101 Bar-To-Bar Armature Tester 
bullet Supports use of 30 kV PP Unit 
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Dielectric Absorption (DAR) Test  Yes
Display / Meter Type  Digital / Monochrome
Maximum Hipot Current 1 mA DC
Maximum Hipot Voltage 12 kV DC
Maximum Insulation Resistance 20 GΩ
Maximum Surge Current 800 A
Maximum Surge Pulse Energy 2.88 J
Maximum Surge Voltage 12 kV
Polarization Index (PI) Test  Yes
Printer Output Interface  Yes
Surge Repetition Rate 5 Hz
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FS-12 Footswitch for Push-to-Test for Hands-Free Operation
MTA Motor Test Acquisition Software
RAS-12 Rolling Equipment Stand
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Specifications / Technical Documents
PDF icon Baker Instruments D12000 Specifications
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