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Used Agilent 6811A

375 VA AC Power Source / Analyzer

The 6811A is a Single Phase, 375 VA, 300 Volt AC Power Source / Analyzer. 6811A Specifications: Single phase, 45 Hz to 1 kHz output frequency range, 375 VA power output, 300 Volt max. rms voltage, 425 Volt DC voltage range, 3.25 A max. rms current output, 2.5 A max. DC current, Arbitrary waveform generation, Built-in harmonic analysis capability, Built-in HP-IB and RS-232 interface with SCPI programming.
Agilent 6811A Image

Agilent 6811A

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Agilent 6811A -- Technical Data
Specifications Features Characteristics Options
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PDF icon Agilent 6811A Specifications
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Catalogued as: Agilent-6811A 
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Connectivity Interface Type  GPIB
Display / Meter Type  Digital Meter
Instrument Profile  Rackmount
Number of Outputs
Minimum Frequency 45 Hz
Maximum Frequency 1 kHz
Maximum AC Current 3.25 A AC
Maximum AC Voltage 300 V AC
Maximum DC Current 2.5 A DC
Maximum DC Voltage 425 V DC
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100 87-106 VAC 48-63 Hz ( Japan Only)
1CM Rack Mount Kit ( HP p/n 5062-3977)
1CP Rack Mount Kit with Handles (HP p/n 5062-3983)
230 191-254 VAC, 48- 63 Hz
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