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Agilent Products For Sale at Test Equipment Center


Agilent AC Power Supplies 

Single Phase AC Power Sources
Three Phase AC Power Sources
AC Power Sources / Analyzers

Agilent Accessories 

Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Instrument Controllers
Instrument Interfaces
Other Accessories
Test Fixtures
Test Leads

Agilent Amplifiers 

Amplifiers DC to 1 MHz
Amplifiers above 1 MHz to 1 GHz
Amplifiers above 1 GHz to 8 GHz
Amplifiers above 8 GHz to 18 GHz
Amplifiers above 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz
Amplifiers above 26.5 GHz
Bi-Polar / Operational Amplifiers
Distribution Amplifiers
Solid State Amplifiers
Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWT)
Voltage Amplifiers

Agilent Audio Test Equipment 

Audio Analyzers
Audio Generators
Audio Level Meters
Audio Oscillators
Distortion Analyzers

Agilent Broadcast Measurement 

CATV Analyzers
CATV Signal Level Meters
Service Activation Meters
Waveform Monitors
X-Y Displays

Agilent Calibration Equipment 

Calibration Fixtures
Calibration Kits
Current Calibrators
Thermal Transfer Standards
Voltage Calibrators

Agilent Communication Analyzers 

Base Station Test Sets
Cellular Communication Test Sets
Communication Frequency and Timing Systems
Communication Service Monitors
Radio Test Sets
Wireless Communications Test Sets

Agilent Data Acquisition 

A / D Converter Modules (ADC)
Chassis / Mainframes
D / A Converter Modules (DAC)
Data Acquisition Accessories
Data Loggers
Data Recorders
Data Switch Modules
I/O Modules
Input Modules
Matrix Modules
Multiplexer Modules
Output Modules
Relay Modules

Agilent DC Power Supplies 

DC Power Supplies 0 to 200 Watts
DC Power Supplies above 200 to 1000 Watts
DC Power Supplies above 1000 to 10000 Watts
DC Power Supplies 0 to 60 Volts
DC Power Supplies above 60 to 200 Volts
DC Power Supplies above 200 to 1000 Volts
DC Power Supplies above 1000 Volts
DC Power Supplies 0 to 10 Amps
DC Power Supplies above 10 to 50 Amps
DC Power Supplies above 50 to 300 Amps
DC Power Supplies above 300 Amps
Single Output DC Power Supplies
Dual Output DC Power Supplies
Triple Output DC Power Supplies
Quad Output DC Power Supplies
DC Power Supply Accessories
DC Power Supply Mainframes
DC Power Supply Modules
DC Sources
High Voltage DC Power Supplies

Agilent Electrical Safety 

High Voltage Probes

Agilent Electronic Loads 

DC Electronic Loads
Electronic Loads
Electronic Load Mainframes
Electronic Load Modules

Agilent Fiber Optic Test 

Fiber Optic Accessories
Fiber Optic Adapters
Fiber Optic Filters
Fiber Optic Light Sources
Fiber Optic Mainframes
Fiber Optic Modules
Fiber Optic Power Meters
Fiber Optic Receivers
Fiber Optic Test Kits
Fiber Optic Transmitters
Laser Sources
Lightwave Sources
Lightwave Testers
Optical / Electrical Modules
Optical Attenuators
Optical Connector Interfaces
Optical Meters
Optical Network Analyzers
Optical Power Meters (OPM)
Optical Power Sensors
Optical Sources
Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA)
Optical Switches
Polarization Analyzers
Return Loss Test Sets
Tunable Lasers
Wavelength Meters

Agilent Frequency Measurement 

Frequency Counters
Microwave Counters
Time Interval Counters
Universal Counters
Frequency Clocks
Frequency Measurement Accessories
Frequency Meters
Frequency Standards
GPS Receivers
Timing Analyzers
Timing Standards

Agilent Function Generators 

Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Function Generators
Sweep Generators

Agilent Impedance Measurement 

Impedance Analyzers
Impedance Measurement Accessories
Impedance Meters
Vector Impedance Analyzers

Agilent Laboratory Test 

Signal Conditioners

Agilent LCR / Impedance 

Capacitance Meters
Decade Capacitors
Standard Capacitors
Inductance Meters
Standard Resistors
DC Bias Sources
LCR / Impedance Accessories
LCR / Impedance Standards
LCR Analyzers
LCR Bridges
LCR Meters
LCR Test Fixtures

Agilent Logic Analyzers 

Logic Analyzers
Logic Analyzer Mainframes
Logic Analyzer Modules
Logic Analyzer Probes
Logic Analyzer Accessories
Logic Data Generators
Logic Probes
Signature Analyzers

Agilent Megohmmeters 


Agilent Meters 

Clamp Meters
Resistance Meters
Selective Level Meters

Agilent Modular Based Instruments 

USB Interface Instruments
PCI Modules
PXI Modules
VXI Mainframes
A Size VXI Modules
B Size VXI Modules
C Size VXI Modules
Instrument Modules
Modular Based Accessories
Modular Controller

Agilent Modulation Test 

Measuring Receivers
Modulation Analyzers
Modulation Domain Analyzers
Modulation Generators

Agilent Multimeters 

Benchtop Multimeters
Digital Multimeters
Handheld Multimeters
Laboratory Multimeters

Agilent Network Testing 

ATM Testers
Data Network Testers
E1 Testers
Gigabert Testers
Jitter Analyzers
LAN Cable Analyzers (Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 7, Fiber)
LAN Test Tools
Network Cable Testers
Network Testing Analyzers
Network Testing Mainframes
Network Testing Modules
Protocol Analyzers
Router Testers
SONET - SDH Test Sets
Traffic Analyzers
Traffic Generators
WAN Analyzers

Agilent Noise Test 

Noise Figure Meters
Noise Generators
Noise Meters
Noise Sources
Phase Noise Measurement Systems

Agilent Oscilloscopes 

Oscilloscopes DC to 500 MHz
Oscilloscopes > 500 MHz to 1 GHz
Oscilloscopes > 1 GHz to 4 GHz
Oscilloscopes > 4 GHz to 20 GHz
Oscilloscopes > 20 GHz
Analog Oscilloscopes
Digital Oscilloscopes
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO)
Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO)
Active Oscilloscope Probes
Differential Probes
FET Probes
Oscilloscope Probes
Oscilloscope Accessories
Oscilloscope Mainframes
Oscilloscope Modules
Waveform Analyzers

Agilent Plotters and Recorders 

Strip Chart Recorders
X-Y Recorders

Agilent Power Quality Analyzers 

Harmonics and Flicker Analyzers
Power Quality Analyzers

Agilent Pulse Generators 

Data Timing Generators
Digital Delay Generators
High Power Pulse Generators
Pattern Generators
Pulse Clocks
Pulse Generator Mainframes
Pulse Generator Modules
Pulse Generators
Word Generators

Agilent RF Components 

Air Lines
Delay Lines
Directional Couplers
High Pass Filters
Impedance Converters
Low Pass Filters
Power Dividers
Power Splitters
RF Detectors
RF Loads
RF Switches
Step Attenuators
Waveguide Components

Agilent RF Network Analyzers 

Handheld Network Analyzers
Scalar Network Analyzers
Vector Network Analyzers DC to 6 GHz
Vector Network Analyzers above 6 GHz to 20 GHz
Vector Network Analyzers above 20 GHz to 40 GHz
Vector Network Analyzers above 40 GHz
Antenna Analyzers
Cable Analyzers
Detector Heads
Directional Bridges
Network Analyzer Accessories
RF Calibration Kits
S - Parameter Test Set
Test Port Cables
Transmission / Reflection Test Sets
Verification Kits

Agilent RF Power Meters / Sensors 

RF Power Meters
RF Power Sensors
RF Power Meter / Sensor Accessories
Peak Power Meters
Peak Power Sensors
USB Power Meters / Sensors
Waveguide Power Sensors

Agilent RF Test 

Attenuator / Switch Drivers
Gain-Phase Meters
RF Downconverters
Vector Voltmeters

Agilent RFI / EMI / EMC Compliance 

E Field Probes
EMI Analyzers / EMC Receivers
EMI Receivers / EMC Analyzers
Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN)
Near Field Probes
RF Current Monitor Probes
RFI / EMI / EMC Accessories

Agilent Semiconductor / Component Test 

Semiconductor Analyzers
Semiconductor Parameter Testers
Semiconductor / Component Test Mainframes
Semiconductor / Component Test Modules
Component Testers
Component Test Fixtures
Source Measure Units (SMU)

Agilent Signal Generators 

Signal Generators
Synthesized Signal Generators
Signal Generator Mainframes
Signal Generator Modules
AM / FM Signal Generators
Level Generators
Microwave Generators
Microwave Sweep Generators
Millimeter-Wave Source Modules
RF Signal Generators
RF Sweep Generators
Vector Signal Generators

Agilent Spectrum Analyzers 

Spectrum Analyzers DC to 3 GHz
Spectrum Analyzers above 3 Ghz to 8 GHz
Spectrum Analyzers above 8 GHz to 26.5 GHz
Spectrum Analyzers above 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz
Spectrum Analyzers above 40 GHz
FFT Spectrum Analyzers
Handheld Spectrum Analyzers
RFI / EMI / EMC Spectrum Analyzers
Signal Analyzers
Spectrum Analyzer Mainframes
Spectrum Analyzer Modules
Spectrum Analyzer Accessories
External Mixers
Tracking Generators

Agilent Telecommunication Test 

ADSL Testers
Bit Error Rate Testers - BERT
Datacom Testers
DS3 Testers
DSL Testers
Error Rate Detector
Line Interface Testers
T1 Testers
Telecom Accessories
Telecom Compliance Test Systems
Telecom Data Generators
Telecom Loop Analyzers
Telephone Line Simulators
Telephone Test Sets
Transmission Test Set

Agilent Time Domain Test 

Metallic Time Domain Reflectometers
Optical Time Domain Reflectometers - OTDRs
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